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Our Website Design + Development Services



Like a fingerprint, every Harbor Light Interactive website is unique. We begin by understanding your business and your goals. Who do you want to visit your site? What do you want them to learn? What action do you want them to take?  Your goals determine the features and functionality we include in your website. Based on these decisions we create a detailed project plan and timeline.


Next we develop a detailed sitemap of all the pages and features within the site and how they relate to each other. The site’s information architecture (IA) should be logical, intuitive, and easy to navigate. We ensure that all aspects of your site – the graphics and language and the information flow – enhance the user’s experience (UX).


We’ve determined what’s going to be included in your site and where it’s going to go.  Now comes the creative execution of your online brand. In this step our designers create the look and feel of your site (colors, graphics, photos, text treatment and placement).


From beautifully designed to beautifully functioning -- our web developers bring your website to life.  We typically create our websites using an easily updatable content management system (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress or Magento. The final step is rigorous testing. We make sure your site works with various browsers and platforms (e.g., mobile) so that all visitors have a consistently positive experience.