Silverleaf Resorts

Silverleaf Resorts consists of 13 resorts around the United States. We were hired to conceptualize and create a website that would serve two purposes: (1) provide guests with information about things to do and places to see around these resorts and (2) attract potential guests searching for these activities and landmarks.


SellerCrowd is an online community where media salespeople anonymously share insider info to help win RFPs and close deals.

Over the past four years, we’ve worked closely with SellerCrowd and helped in the transformation of a simple free Q&A site, to a revenue generating business. We're constantly improving the design of the site, listening to member feedback and rolling out new features.


Novomer, an emerging sustainable chemistry company, wanted to update their online presence. We provided them with new website design and developed a fully responsive website built on Drupal, which allows them to easily update and manage the content.

Rachel Claflin

Rachel, an artist and painter from Boston, MA, was looking for a website to display her collection of paintings and multimedia pieces. We gave her an easy to edit Wordpress site, with a simple design to not detract from her work.

ACKFire Studios

This custom tile designer was looking for a website to showcase their pieces. We focused on simplicity for the design, as to not take away from their uniquely crafted products. The website was then built on Drupal, allowing the client to easily update and add new pieces to each collection.

Megan Graham Fitness

Fitness model Megan Graham was looking for a site to share her workout routines, tips and tricks with her fans. After finalizing the vibrant, energetic design she was looking for, we built the site on Drupal allowing her to easily update content, create blog posts and answer questions from the community.

Argus Imaging

Harbor Light worked with Argus to update their brand image and refresh company materials including PowerPoint templates and corporate brochures. We also work with Argus on an on-going basis maintaining and updating their website.

Hudson Energy

We worked with Hudson Energy, New York-based energy development company founded by two of the most experienced and successful energy industry professionals to determine their brand image. Deliverables included a logo and fully responsive informational website.


We developed a name, brand image, packaging and e-commerce website for this new beauty company. A main feature of the site was an auto-replenish functionality, for users who wished to receive product on an ongoing basis.


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